About Xie-He

Our Company in Taichung

The history of Xie-He began in September of 1992. Xie-He is a major sale focusing wheels, tires and rims. Xie-He is the first service provider of new & second hand wheels, tires and rims in Taiwan. Xie-He is also the biggest and the professional wheels, tires and rims logistics center. We accumulate many year experience in the field of tires. We supply new & second hand wheels, tires and rims to other the same business and provide technology support. In recent, we strengthen the internet sales service to provider the closing service for customers. Now, we are the entity business and also have internet business.

We always using four rule to service our customer:

  • -- Product always in stocks.
  • -- Buy and Set up together.
  • -- Ensures great and reliable product quality.
  • -- Provide after-care service.

So, we consider consumer's need and safe, we also want to service more and more people. We make the consumer to know the equilibrium of the price and value.

We interviewed many times by China Times of Commerce, Economy Times of Taiwan, Chuan-Wei car magazine... etc. In either event of new and second hand wheels, tires and rims always get good evaluation. Our products' stocks amount are the most in Taiwan. We have the most marque and size types. Welcome to visit our store, we will get you high quality feeling and enjoy using less cost to get the best value.

Our major business include rims, hoops, rim caps, new tires, second hand tires(special screw and spacers of rim) and car's reclamation parts, second hand parts(large, middle, small car's), especially in all parts of chassis. If you need any help or information about our business just contact us.